06 March 2011

Hamtaro The Cat....Ucang The Cat too

It has been a while since I blog about my cat. Last August Pinchesska Gegirl left us . I was away at my mom place at the time. I missed the cat dearly. That is what I regret the most, not being able to be at her side when she was ill. But I was doing another dutiful service - caring after my dying mother in Kuala Lumpur. Both are now gone to be with God. Al-Fatihah to mak and Rest in peace Pinchesska.

There's only Ucang and Hamtaro now. Ucang is almost 11 years and Hamtaro ( Taro) is a year old. I guess that will be the only cat I'll nurture. Susah nak balik kampung bila ada kucing ni..

Taro loves bergolek2 atas batu jalan depan rumah petang2...buang lemak kat perut agaknya.


Azie said...

your hamtaro really look like my late nemo. nnt azie create a post about my late nemo yea, n put up his photo.

Pinchesska said...

Sori..lama tak masuk blog tak baca komen azie ni...
Now Taro pun dah masuk list 'late'..hilang dah almost a month...so sad..