27 August 2007

Enterprem ....

Hello everybody...

Lama juga tak mengupdate blog..Actually ..sedang melawan dan melayan perasaan malas yang berkoyan2 ini....

Jadi..untuk mengisi kebosanan ..I only consentrate pushing to finish my SAL. Tiada mood utk launch new project or even looking at new chart. 'The nenek' dok tang tu saja. My plan to crochet a simple doily also was put on a halt. Even my gumi2 project sangkut juz because I have no will power to 'fight' the kesusahan mengcrochet the small kaki and tangan. As a result ..the gumi2 being send to Musliha's finishing parlour.. Adik Manis..u rock bebeh!! LOL.

I will be back to update my SAL early next month( with pictures okies!!), which is only a few days away anyway..I have finished stitching the 2nd shelf. Backstitch was completed last night. Now I'm doing the hiasan tepi , the wordings and 'fill in the (doilies) blanc' . I have to finish before puasa as I will stop doing all cross stitch once puasa start. NO..its not because of wanting to raya sakan.I have another 'huge' project to take on..LOL. I'll let out the news when I'm comfortable to tell..no worries..its a good thing..LOL..

At the moment..the bad news is..Jiji is sick..Sudah kurus sebab dah 2 hari tak makan dan minum. Badannya panas sampai bahangnya terasa kalau dipegang..sampai terpaksa di sejukkan dgn air batu malam tadi...exactly like nursing a small kid..What to do..I have made a commitment to take care of all my anak2 berbulu until they are out of this world..

Kepada my stitching buddies in XSnXC..selamat berehat..selamat berniaga dan selamat melancarkan projek2 xs.tak kira sama ada mega atau bukan mega.

'SELAMAT MENYAMBUT KEMERDEKAAN KE 50' ...Gosh...I'm feeling old lah pulak......Keep on rockin' bebeh!!

06 August 2007

Nenek 4 Segi...

Activity orang demam over the weekend...I really like the yellow yarn ( a gift from Anasue)..thats why I made 3 nenek out of it..LOL

02 August 2007

SAL August Update

Yess..this is my SAL accomplishment until 1st August 2007..I intend to finish it ASAP..

To all my SAL buddies..I'm sorry..I have to move on ahead as the fabric has turned color from white to ivory. I'm afraid by the time its due to finish in December...it will be dark brown (LOL).
Thank you to my furry stitching companions. They find the fabric is the nicest place to sit on whenever you're not around. They are indeed the best turbo engine for SAL.

Everybody should get at least one cat..they boost 'everything' that need to be boost.You become alert, energetic and what not as you tend to carry the work everywhere...The best stalker too*wink-wink*.

Best of luck to me then..