05 December 2008


How should I say this...Work In Progress or Work In Problemo..LOL. I thought when I choose to hibernate, I can make a lot of progress to my so called WIP. Instead, this poor piece has been at this stage for almost 2 month now. I guess its going to stay that way until next year..

Since I havent been updating this blog for quite a while, no harm right just to show it off to keep my spirit high..

I was attracted to this pattern when I first saw it in a book. It didnt take long to get everything ready for launching....I guess this is the progress I made in one week. Suddenly the mood stop. I'm not as eager anymore...I think I need to get a new glasses..wink*wink*

Well, I stop stitching the big pieces and move over to stitch smallies. Remember my basket of smallies? Yeah...to get this one small piece to finish took 1 week . Cant imagine if I were to have a basket as big as Sis Noreen's laundry basket(yeah..I know!!). Then it may take forever...

That's about all the ramblings I can make for this entry. Wishing all my muslim friends a joyfull Aidil Adha. Take care. I have to stay alert ...its rainy season and the water level is something I have to check for every now and then. My place is not a flood prone area but one never knows with weathers nowadays.

Psttt..dah 3 hari tak hujan..peluang cerah nak balik kampung ni..kalau hujan semula..alamat dup dap pulak le jantung...nak raya pun tak senang ni..

19 November 2008

Basket of smalls updated

Yess..manage to add 2 more new item to my basket. The rest of the 'smalls' were from my previous collection of fobs..

The small 'red hand bag' is adorable...yess??

16 November 2008

Basket of Smalls...

I dont know what to do with the remnants of my aida...nak buang sayang..nak dijahit sesuatu..meletihkan lah pulak..ekekeke. So..with a lot of stored patience..I went on to make basket of small fragrant pillows..in all sizes and shapes.. So far, I've managed to complete 3 item. There are still more in the makings..wish me luck eh..

The patterns was from Donna Kooler and my 'ciput' collection of XS magazines.. I'll update once I've made a handfull...yeehaaa!!

note...please ignore the oily stained plant in the pot eh..botol pecah...hikhikhik...

In The Mood for another .....Needlebook...

Yesss...you read it right...another needle book. I was searching for a small pattern to stitch on my small aida fabric. I found the freebies webbit (rabbit) at EMS website. So..the story goes...

My ribbon lady decorate the needlebook..as if I want to give it as a hantaran..LOL..Aiyaiyai.. calon menantu pun tak terfikir lagi....huhuhu...I like it but I dont know if anyone would ...The pink ribbon sooth the eyes..that was all that matters.. I was grinning widely when picking up the needlebook yesterday...

For those who has seen my needlebook.. will know that there is a difference in the inside of this webbit , right?? This time I stitch a small pocket. I was extra 'rajin' this time...hehehe.

Nope...this needlebook has no new owner yet..if that was what you're thinking...a loner it is..no immediate next of kin too..

Do You Still Remember???

It was my first try on linen. My eyes hurt but my heart was so proud..I was complaining like nobody bussiness.. remember?? ..LOL. After all the fuss. it was kept in the 'goboks' until...who knows when..

While making a pinkeep for the'red poppy family' last two weeks, I decided to do the finishing for the 5 Flowers too. I dont have to feel guilty for ' not finishing the bussiness' anymore..LOL

Look at all the small ribbons attached to the pinkeep? That was not my doing. Initially I only asked G ( my ribbons lady aka biras) to tie the ribbons for me. But she was so 'rajin' and add 4 more small ribbons at the edging..hahaha..I dont quite like it..but decided to leave it there as it will be for display only..its not going to hurt anyone eyes ..but mine...hehehe..Thanks G....

13 November 2008


Sempena hari -hari yang mendung dan hujan renyai renyai seharian di sini, ku ambil kesempatan ini untuk menjawab tag Ahkak Acik Lindt...walalala.

  1. The rules of the game get posted at the beginning
  2. Each player answers the questions about themselves
  3. At the end of the post the player then tags 5 people and posts their names, then goes to their blogs and leaves a comment, letting them know they got tagged and to ask them to play and read your blog

Starting time : 3.39pm
Name : Nickname yg selalu guna: Index. Masa siuman guna nama ikut surat beranak..Ainy.

Sisters : 3

Brothers :3

Shoe size :6 kot..

Height : hait..arigato gonzaimas...

Where do you live : Pasir Mas, Kelantan.

Have you ever been on a plane : Yes
Swam in the ocean : tak berani sejak tngk filem JAWS masa kocik dulu..
Fallen asleep at school : tak..pelajar contoh maa...kena kontrol ayu..walalala
Broken someone’s heart :
Fell off your chair : ada...banyak kali ...

Sat by the phone all night waiting for someone to call : tak kose makcik...
Saved e-mails : yang penting2 je

What is your room like : kadang2 mcm room, kadang2 mcm store..
What’s right beside you: dinding...tngh mengadap pc maa
What is the last thing you ate :
homemade bread...yeehaa

Ever had…

Chicken pox : yup

Sore throat :
Stitches :neber

Broken nose :
Do you Believe in love at first sight :
not sure
Like picnics : not really

Who was/were

The last person you danced with : takde nari-nari...kang buang tebiat lak katanye...

Last made you smile : before jawab tag ni lah..
You last yelled at : Ucang....memekak je kat tepi ni haa..

Today did you…

Talk to someone you like : of course lah.
Kissed anyone :
belum lagi..ekekeke
Get sick :
on the way ni..
Talk to an ex :
crazy ke ape???
Miss someone : my mom..last jumpa dia June lepas...uhuk uhuk

Who do you really hate: George W Bush..tak boleh la tngk muka arrogant dia...

Do you like your hand-writing : dolu2 suka,,sekarang tak suka sbb rasa mcm dah out of practice
Are your toe nails painted :neber

Whose bed other than yours would you rather sleep in :
any bed that is clean ...
What color shirt are you wearing now : dark blue...yeehaa

Are you a friendly person :
not really...
Do you have any pets :yes..3 ekor...

Do you sleep with the TV on : once in a while
What are you doing right now : cakap sorang2 sambil menaip ni ha..

Can you handle the truth :
if the truth hurts...TERpaksa handle lah kan..

Are you closer to your mother or father :

Do you eat healthy : Always pujuk myself to think so..hehehehe
Do you still have pictures of you & your ex : nak cari pasal ke??

If you’re having a bad day, who are you most likely to go to : tak suka dekat dgn sesiapa..menyendiri lg best

Are you loud or quiet most of the time : loud..klu quiet tu sumthin'wrong le
Are you confident :

5 things I was doing 10 years ago

1. a bz working wife/mum
2. jarang sangat memasak kat rumah
3. tak bela pets pun..takde masa nk urus
4. tak de hobi pun..asik kerja..kerja..kerja
5. tak reti nak ngadap pc berjam2 sehari macam sekarang...walalala

5 things I would do if I were a billionaire

semua benda yang baik2 nak dibuat..takmo jadi riak, takbur dan sesat...kalau boleh hari2 nak bersedekah kepada yang amat memerlukan...lepas tu jadi Mem Besar dan kemudian membesar bagai johan.....muahahaha

5 of my bad habits

1. hot tempered
2. tak suka tmpt yg ramai orang...ajak gi rumah orang..byk le alasan..
3.berat mulut woo kalau tak kena gayanya..
4.plg tak suka mengemas rumah...
5. dont know how to say no .... lemah betul kalau kena rayu nih...

5 places I’ve lived/living

1.Benta, Pahang.
2. Gombak Setia, Selangor
3. Minden Heights, Pulau Pinang
4. Sg Nibong, Pulau Pinang
5. Bayan Baru, Pulau Pinang

5 people I tag

Belum ada list lagi..kalau ada..baru buat..ok kan??

11 November 2008

Aksi 'Panas' Pinchesska

Ni mesti kes takde kerja...petang tadi sambil berehat2. TERuja nak ambil gambar Pinchesska alias gegirl..macam2 style . Nak gelak pun ada sebab tersengguk2 dia tidur. Infact, ambil gambar pun dia tak sedar..Mungkin dia pun dah tak larat ..selalu sangat kena posing depan kamera..dah biasa dah..LOL

Sudut kerusi ni memang favorite spot dia. Tak kisah dah nak control sopan...tak malu betul tidur terkangkang giteww..LOL

Hari Membuat Roti...

Hujung minggu lepas, ronda2 di alam cyber...cari resepi yang berkenan di mata. TERmasuk kat blog kawan lama kat CARI dulu2 - Maisya..Himpunan Pelbagai Resepi.
Kagum betul dgn Maisya ni..dia rajin dan kreatif. memang impressive. TERberkenan dgn resepi French Baguettes yang ada kat blog dia. Jadi malam tadi kita pun cuba..

Dah lama betul tak buat roti..kira macam dah pencen giteww..Jadi, malam tadi makan french baguttes with garlic butter cicah dengan mushroom soup.

Sedap lah rasa dia..in fact much better dr baguettes yg selalu beli kat bakery tu..keras kejung..yg ni soft dan ada rasa .Dari satu resepi tu kita bahagi kepada tiga ketul..sorang satu lah kan..Tak sangka pulak..roti tu habis sekali hadap je. Mushroom Soup itu beli yang instant je..jenama Knorr. Just tambah sikit whipped cream, tu pasal soup jadi putih melepak. Yang penting..sapu bersih..

Ok, bagi yang sudah TER dengan french baguettes ni, disertakan sekali resepinya yang dikutip dari blog Maisya .

Puan Roshayati Johari

Ingredients :
360g bread flour90g superfine flour - guna tepung gandum biasa je
1 teaspoon salt
1 tablespoon sugar
1 teaspoon bread improver - tak bubuh
1 teaspoon bread softener - tak bubuh
3 teaspoons instant yeast~
Mix well all the above ingredients.

250g water
10g shortening

Method :
1. Add water to the dry ingredients, a little at a time and knead till a smooth dough is formed.
2. Add in shortening and continue kneading till a smooth and elastic dough is formed.
3. Divide dough to 3 portions, 240g each. Make into balls and leave to rest for 10 minutes.
4. Roll flat one portion to form a square. Then roll it (like a swiss roll). Leave to prove till double the size, about 45 minutes.
5. Brush the top with water, twice. Then make a small cut on top of each dough.
6. Bake in a pre-heated oven at 190 degree celcius using *steam bake method for 12 minutes.
7. After 12 minutes, remove the tray with water and continue baking for another 10 minutes.

* steam bake : Place the tray with dough on top of a tray filled with water and put both trays into the oven.

Dalam oven sekarang ni sedang bakar roti lagi. Kali ni Roti Burger pulak. Juga kutip resepi dari blog Maisya. Next entry ye kita cerita..Wahhh..semerbak rumahku dengan bau roti..

Oh ya, cerita pasal Roti Burger ada kat sini..nak letak kat sini macam tak seswai dgn description blog..LOL

08 November 2008

Its Family Time.

Ahaa..dah lama tak mengomel pasal family sets kan..Entry kali ini akan bercerita pasal latest family sets yang dibuat khas untuk seorang adik manis iteww..A very very belated birthday gifts. Maafkan akak ye Mus..slow bebenor gifts tu sampai..ahakss.

Semua stitching siap dibuat dalam bulan Julai lagi. tetapi disebabkan mood yang macam biskut chipsmore kan..sekejap ada, sekejap takde.. semuanya bergerak mcm siput. Sebelum puasa dah siapkan fob..siap dengan tassel lagik. Malah cordingnya pun buat sendiri...kelasss ahkak. Bukan apa, tak tau kat mana nak cari cording macam-macam fesyen kat sini. Bulan puasa pulak kononnya nak buat sekurang-kurangnya pincushion tu tapi tak jadi jugak..ada hal lain pulak kena settle dulu. Lepas raya dah jadi ular sawa pulak..melingkaq kat open house tak hengat..Lepas selesai puasa enam baru tergerak hati nak sambung matress pincushion tu. Rupanya, pincushion style ni leceh jugak ye..nak kelim tepi2 tu memang mencabar kesabaran. Rasa macam forever nak sampai kat hujung tu..

Pinkeep tu pun macam forever jugak ambil masa nak siap. Potong mounting board dah lama, tapi tak terusik jugak. Sampailah satu hari datang kesedaran dalam diri bahawasanya...(cewahh - ayat!!), hadiah ni dah lama sangat tertangguh..nak tunggu apa lagi kan...Jadi, keesokannya..siap semua finishing utk lain2 item..pinkeep, needlebook dan scissors tip protector boleh siap dlm satu hari je...boleh pun makcik...saja je kan...ikutkan sangat perasaan malas dan takde mood tu... Tip protector tu sebenarnya last minute decision..maklumlah kan..teruja dgn projek mega kawan2 lain..so ingat nak cuba buat sesuatu yang tak pernah buat lagi...

Lepas dah siap semuanya, maka berkumpullah semua ahli keluarga untuk mengambil gambar Happy Family iteww. Hanya ribbon pada pinkeep , tip, fob dan pincushion itew yang mintak biras tolong buat..hehe..me kantoi bab tu..

Dalam banyak banyak item tu, suka sangat kat needlebook dan pinkeep tu sebab ia simple sangat. Kosong dan nampak bersih je. Hajat hati nak decorate jugaklah tepi2 tu dgn something tapi tak sampai hati la nak kacau....nanti jadi lagi buruk..Cuma jahitan je lah yang buruk. maklumlah kan, jahit tangan saje..terketaq-ketaq makcik kontrol jangan kasi senget benget..LOL...Oh ya, kalau ada bertanya, kenapa masih guna aida bukan linen atau evenweave, jawapannya...clearance stok maa..sian adik manis...kain ni banyak lagi dlm simpanan..takut dia tukau kaler nanti. Lagipun I bet, adik manis tak guna semua tu, dia akan simpan dalam gobok khas ..for display only.. sayang kan nak guna...*wink-wink*

Lupa pulak nak cerita, pattern bunga poppy ni diambil dari buku ' Cross Stitch Flowers - Inspirational Ideas for Creating Beautiful Cards And Gifts'. Memang jatuh chenta sehabis2nya dgn semua bunga2 kat dalam buku ni. Infact, sekarang pun sdg stitch satu projek bunga dari buku ini. Nantikan perkembangannya nanti..yehaaa!

Jadi kepada Musliha..terima kasih sebab sudi menerima pemberian akak seadanya. Ada lima item dalam tu..so boleh cover gifts selama lima tahun. Kita dah kenal selama tiga tahun, jadi utk dua tahun akan datang, akak tak perlu kasi gifts lagi lah kan....wahahaha..macam ni punya olang pun ada...

04 November 2008

Yummylicious Chocolate Cheesecake

I am not a big fan of cheesecake, nor was the rest of the family..may it baked, chilled or the cotton soft type. My only experience in baking a cheesecake was two years ago. My peach cheesecake tasted too sour to my liking..it end up in the..hahaha..you know where..

Since my younger biras has these cravings for cheesecake, I had to bake one for her before she's due. So..armed with a pendrive and and internet connection, I went hunting for the best , easy to do cheesecake. The mission was succesfull as I end up at CARI forum with a chilled choc cheesecake recipe.

Easy to do and fast was the motto. I enjoyed making it. Even more enjoyable as the turnout was not bad at all. Using the leftover cookies as base was even better..skimping on costly food has become a routine..LOL. Membazir itu berdosa!!

Happy sangat bila kek menjadi dan rasanya sedap. Cuma satu saja yang terpaksa di ingati..tak seswai makan banyak. Sepotong saja pun dah fullfilling. Nasib baik buat sebab nak kasi orang, kalau sendirik makan..tak taulah......

Roti Arab...

Bored was the exact word to describe the day. Its Deepavali, no plans was made to fill the day. Everyone was so cozy 'melingkaq' like a phyton that day. So..what else to do...masuk dapur , masak, buat gathering kecil2..makan dan sambung lepak2...bela lemak2 kasik bertimbun..LOL.

Hari tu, masak Roti Arab. makan dgn keema.(daging cincang). Masa ni lah teringat saat2 'rakus' makan kat restoran mamak kat Penang. Jadilah kan..suasana jer berbeza..Di sini ada satu jer restoran mamak..itupun dah tak ori masakannya LOL. Rasa pelik lah pulak makan mee goreng mamak tak pedas tapi manis..shhh..tak baik tawww kutuk2..babap kang!!

Apapun...sedap juga roti ni. Resepi dari forum CARI. Aloo Keema tu pun sedap juga (senirik puji maa). Tapi DH kata roti arab yg dia makan kat Sg Petani lagi sedap..hampess...potong betul lah!! Tapi disebabkan dia yg tolong uli tepung tu..ku pendam duka dalam diam..LOL.
Disebabkan ada satu permintaan...hahaha..satu permintaan pun jadilah...here is the recipe:
(copy frm FnR Board at CARI FORUM)
ROTI ARAB [soulha]
Source : myresepi
2 sudu besar mentega
2 sudu besar minyak masak
2 sudu besar gula
300 ml air suam
6 g yis
500g tpg gandum
1. mentega, minyak dan gula dibancuh dengan air suam.
2. tepung di gaul dengan yis.
3. Kemudian campur semua bahan dan uli hingga licin dan kental.
4. perap selama 1jam dalam beg plastik yang tertutup atau bekas yang tertutup.
5. Uli semula dan buat bulat2 dalam 18 biji.
6. Canai nipis lebih kurang 0.4 cm.
7. panaskan minyak dan goreng sebiji2, tunggu hingga roti kembung dulu baru terbalikkan
.8. Sedap dimakan bersama kari ayam dan daging.

My Bear-Bear Completed

Almost forgot to update that I have managed to complete the bear-bear on the second day of Ramadhan. Comfortably tossing the piece into my gobok as I have no future plan for it yet..benci2 pun siap jugak...merungut-rungut pun..nampak cantik jugak bila dah siap..Morale of the story..jangan merungut2 masa stitching, jangan benci2 masa menjahit...tak baik tawww..seri tak naik ke atas hasil kerja kita...LOL

Scissors Tip Protector

With a very envious mind over accomplishments of my dear friends in the group, I was busy looking for something different to do. Ya lah kan..org lain buat projek mega, bullion lah, jahit manik lah, baju kurung lah, sulam lah, RE lah,beranak lah..(phewitt!!)..me too need to find a mega(megi lah for me) project so that my interest and energy for stitching does not subside..sound pathetic am I.

Here it goes...my first (again??) scissors tip protector. I'm still with the flower motif as I want to match it to the pincushion. I hate the glue-glue thingy, but then..remember the word experimenting??. Yeah..for those who has noticed..I didnt do the ribbons okay. Had to beg my "biras" to do it for me. I think I have these ribbons fhobia and its still haunting me to this very day...

I believe I can do better next time..but for a first timer..I'll bear with it..merah ang-ang tuu...

My First Matress Pincushion

Wallahh...it has been ages . I have always wanted to stitch my own matress pincushion. Since I was happy hibernating, I spend some time stitching the matress pincushion. Yeah..I really did spend a lot of time stitching and then do the finishing. Seems like forever....People might wonder why I choose a flower motif for the pincushion. The answer is simple..I luveee flower and always will. Sebab itulah kebanyakan item yg terhasil selalu lari dari orang2 lain...org lain kebanyakannya follow the trend, but I choose to do differently..Yang penting tetap cantik di mataku....

This is how it looks like before I went experimenting with glue and ribbons. Dont laugh please....I was just experimenting ok...I was quite sure it looks better without the ribbons...hahaha, Unless somebody else tell me otherwise...but then it looks so bold..well that was what I thought.

Then...looking at the pincushion with ribbons and whatnot...its not breathtaking at all...Well..ugly pun ugly lah..its my first matress pincushion..I'll make do with it...

24 October 2008

It Has Been A Long Time...

Salam to all my friends. Actually I am in no mood to make any entry to my blog. I think I love hibernating so much untillI dont feel like coming out of the kepompong...*wink-wink*. sekali sekala masuk dan baca blog kawan2..rasa terubat jugak rindu...Sedang berusaha melawan kemalasan yang teramat sangat ni. Tak tahu kenapa....projek cross stitch pun macam hidup segan mati tak mahu je....

Semoga kita berjumpa lagi.. All I want you all to know is that I'm okay over here..ada lah terpeleot sekali sekala tapi am still around cuma takde projek terbaru atau grand yg nak dikepo2 kan..Hopefully, I will gain back all the lost mood soon....kat mana tah cik mamood ku pergi....tengok kotak2 benang pun macam benci je...Projek cross stitch family terbaru pun dah berbulan2 tak siap2 finishing dia lagi....Wish me all the best eh....and tiup2 kanlah doa penawar kemalasan to me...maybe kena masuk exchange kot baru nak panas enjin..hehehe...

Until then...muahsss...

28 August 2008

My Bear-bear..

Hahaha..my progress so far with the bear-bear...malas tul ..sebab warna dia berserak2..leceh nak kira..

Thank you Salmi

Last Saturday received these beautiful belated birthday gifts from Salmi.

Million thanks ...Tak sangka masih ada yg ingat dan sudi...terharu sungguh. Tambah2 bila tengok stoberi yang hansem dan holder yang ganteng..kehkehkeh....
Thanks again Salmi....muahssss.

19 August 2008

Jom makan lagi...

Haha...Puasa is just around the corner, so as a teaser I just want to show about my latest food testing project. I was so bored last weekend (or is it two weekends ago?..hmmm). As I was watching a cooking program hosted by Chef Wan on TV9, I came upon this Laksa Siam recipe. As I have lots of ikan cencaru ( sorry..dont know what's its called in English) I tested this recipe.

Its like a combination of laksa lemak and laksa asam/penang. Not bad for my taste buds. But it cant beat the authentic taste of laksa asam..ever!!

Therefore, until we meet again, I want to wish all my Muslim friends..Selamat Menunaikan Ibadah Puasa. Semoga amalan kita diterima di bulan yang mulai ini. How I wish I can tell you all the amount of 'rindu' I have kept ..I missed our normal chatting days..the exchanges that we've done. Even looking at all the exchanges gift has brought tears to my eyes....Itulah pengubat rindu yang amat mujarab. Itulah juga reminder yg amat mujarab tentang 'hutang2 'tertunggak yg belum sempat dibalas..Insyallah ..semoga masanya akan tiba jua nanti..Amin!!

Not to forget....Selamat Hari Merdeka. Mengingatkan kembali nostalgia kita menjalan Stitch A-long tahun lepas..Aduh..syahdu dan sebak.....
Until we meet again.....Selamat bercuti dari menjadi supir sempena cuti sekolah ini, Selamat menyambut merdeka dan selamat berpuasa. Terima kasih kepada yg mengucapkan selamat hari lahir. Makcik rasa dah tua la pulak ....Take care ya..Muahsss

Salam...it's me again...


It's me again...2 weeks after my last entry..here I am again..with my latest project..malu pun nak ngaku projek sebab ntah ape2 yg di stitch kan.Actually its a 'main2' stich as I was trying to use up all my fabric remnants. With this small size of fabric, I just thought of stitching the first thing that come across my eye..Its a bear actually, the size is about 10x10 but its taking longer time to complete. Last time with this small piece I can finish it in no time..sap sap suey kata orang china.

Nowadays...this small piece is like a mega project..Started to stitch it during the Olympic launching date-August 8. Olympic is going to be over this weekend and I'm still not approaching 50% progress. Mana lah nak merasa pingat emas nye ye tak???

Thinking of trying to make a throw pillow out of this..but who knows ...it might turn out to be thrown into my 'gobok' for ageing purposes. Next ten or fifteen years it can be a relic to my antique collection..( as if I 'have' an antique collection...fuhhhh)

Well. to maintain my spirit , I wll still try to finish this 'bear-bear' as I have one debt to pay for someone's birthday this coming month and another month to come..seems like lots of stitching to do..but...who cares right, I'm picking up my 'merajuk' pieces bits by bits...

01 August 2008

My Floral Splendour Complete....Wallah!!

At last...with all the 'merajuk sini merajuk sana" due to the limited availability of DMC thread at my area, I managed to finish this strikingly beautiful ( yeah...seniri jugak puji) floral splendour. Started it early this year and only manage to finish it end of July (approximately at 2 am). A birthday gift for myself anyway...hahahaha

The fabric was courtesy from dear friend Yasmin of Arau, Perlis. I dont know the name. ( Shhhh....People said, it is not proper to ask many question when you receive any gifts...wink*wink*)All I can say about the fabric was, it was not 14ct. More like 10 ct aida with gold flecks. The pattern by Sheila Hudson from The Cross Stitch Collection ,December 2005 issue.

My personal opinion about this project..I dont like stitching on the glod flecks fabric. I like the pattern because of the brightness of the colour. Infact that was the first reason that attract me to stitch it. As I go along, I find it troublesome to stitch on fabrics with gold flecks. 'Sakit mata makcik!!!' Especially when stitching the yellow flowers...I wish I can stop right there and then, but then thinking back, it is a sin to waste....hahaha..the loyal me..Luckily, manage to complete it with a lot of fuss..I'm so stingy with thread nowadays as Im using not the normal 2 strand but 3 strand. With all the rising goods price ..it is a sin to waste...Bukan senang tau nak dapat sumber benang2 di sini. Banyak yang dikirim melalui DH masa dia outstation..Jadilah..buat penguat semangat...

At the moment, I am stitching small pattern just to warm up. Planned to start on a 'sort of' mega project after raya..that too depends on my mood..I have to check my resources first before I start..that may take months..hehehehe..Insyallah....

Kek Cokelat lagi......

Entah mimpi apa...duduk sini ambik tempahan buat kek untuk majlis orang lah pulak. Bulan lepas my eldest biras buat majlis solat hajat utk anak gadisnya yg akan belajar medik di Bandung. Sekaligus dgn sambutan hari lahir ke semua enam orang anaknya. Dia minta buatkan empat biji kek ...Waduh..biasanya buat kek sebiji jer, itupun setahun sekali..(masa nak raya). Tapi disebabkan dia bersungguh2 mintak buatkan jugak, tak dapeklah nak menolak. ( Maklumlah, raya puasa dua tahun lepas me sponsor dua biji kek cokelat utk open house rumah dia...mesti sedap lah tu kan...hahahaha)

So, inilah kerjatangan amatur macam I. Payah jugak nak buat tulisan maklumlah kan...tak penah buat..Selalu letak je kek sebiji gitu atas meja..buat topping simple je..nak pecah kepala makcik pikir macam mana nak deco rupa paras kek. Jadi, mintak tolong dengan my younger biras yang seorang lagi tu bagi idea decorate dan pipekan tulisan. Disebabkan dah tak cukup masa..main belasah ajelah..Sebab tulah..tulisan tu nampak tak timbul...technical error. Nasib baik tetamu yg makan kek tu fokus kat kek saja.Nasib baik jugak customer tak cerewet. Kalau tidak..gulung tikar bisnes makcik on the spot kan..ekekeke

Woohooo...lamanya hibernating!!

Alhamdulilah....setelah lama menyorok dalam gobok platinum..akhirnya dapat juga meluangkan masa utk sapu2 sawang kat blog ni..bak kata adik manis..pi lah sapu sawang kat blog nun..semak ngat nampak...amboii...nasib baik mood akak baik..ekekekeke..

I havent been doing anything much , but I do admit that I tried my hand doing something that I have never done before..gardening. My mom used to tell me that I'm not a green finger/thumb person. My first tree was planted when I was 12 years old..a jasmine tree. Pokoknya bantut sampai lah ke akhir hayatnya..same like the person who planted it... Even during my stay in Penang, I tried planted the pokok cili padi, pokok kunyit, pokok kesum. of course lah semuanya dalam pasu. Pokok2 tu pun hidup segan mati tak mahu. Kesudahannya..laman sekangkang penguin tu di cementkan semuanya..hahaha..senang cerita, tak payah nak sedih2...

So..selepas berhijrah ke sini, mencuba sekali lagi..dan alhamdulilah...sehat2 pokok2 ku semua..macam orang yg menanamnya jugak..dah tua2 ni baru tangan tak panas kot...

Jom tengok pokok2di belakang dan tepi2 rumah...

Yang ni pokok cili padi...first time nampak pokok ni berbuah..rasa terharu sangat. Maklumlah kan..hasil pertama. ...hahaha..ada 7 pokok kat belakang rumah...dan ada lebih kurang 20 pokok cili merah di keliling rumah....makcik nak meniaga weh....

Pokok kesum..sehat2 jugak....pokok kunyit...my mom said daun kunyit tu nak balut orang pun boleh...hahaha..

My pokok pandan....dulu2 susah betul kalau tiba2 teringin nak masak bubur atau nasi lemak., kadang2 dgn muka tak malu mintak ngan jiran ..sekarang tidak lagi....semuanya di hujung jari..

And my pokok betik...masa baru2 pindah hari tu..beli lah betik sebiji..konon2 nak tanam sebab nak teduhkan tepi2 rumah...disebabkan semua biji2 betik tu disemai...jadi banyak lah pulak, nak buang sayang..so keputusannya...tanam semua, tak baik membazir..dosa...Sekarang ni ada dalam 20 pokok betik ..Ha..ambik kau...So..nanti kalau ternampak me berniaga buah betik kat Pasar Siti Khadijah....berikanlah sokongan anda....Nampak tak Ucang sedang buat guard duty kat situ..bukan sembarangan betik tu....

So..sekarang ni kalau petang tak hujan. adalah aktiviti2 berkebun sikit2..tapi tak kurus jugak....
Lepas ni nak fokus tanam pokok munge pulak..sunflower ke, roses ke, orkid ke.....