27 June 2007

Jiji On the Cube..

Today..I received the box frm my suprise partner in the XSNXC Cube Exchange. Wallah...what a bundle of joy..LOL.Once opened..I saw Jiji wearing a nice bow in there and automatically a smile was formed..It's totally cute..Who could have guess that Kak Ros will stitch a black cat on the cube..plus a sunflower on it too..It really make my dull day.. ..Well, I'm still grinning from ear to ear..I bet Jiji is proud too..LOL

Not to forget..along with it was sunflower button and a tottaly cute cat button with the word MEOW..and 2 skein of DMC Variations..

Thank you Kak Ros..the whole family is impressed with Jiji wearing a bow. Now..we dont have to dress him up anymore..LOL

25 June 2007

Say..'Cheese' and Enjoy the Cupcakes..

I was not so in the mood to stitch over the weekend as my neck is having a small discomfort. It's a pain to move my head up and down looking at the charts. so..I used the time to browse the internet looking for a way to comfort myself..LOL..Furthermore..Musliha has challenged me to Stich A Long with her doing the Cheese Project..

It was during the Friday discussion with her that we agreed to test our so called 'expertise' to make pincushion from felt. Since hooked up with the exchanges activities, my newfound passion for pincushion is..how should I put it?...alarming..LOL. I dare not utilized the pincushion that my friends gave me . I can't ask them to make me a new one if it get dirtied or lost or smashed or turned into toys for the cats..can't I?. So with these felt..I am free to do what I want with it and I can replace it in no time...wink-wink..

Since I've lots of leftover felt from stitching the needlebook..I gave it a try..It wasnt a good masterpiece but I'm satisfied..hahahaa...Say 'Cheese'. everyone....

Realizing that I still have lots of scraps, I decided to make few more...cupcakes and quilt pincushion. As it was totally from scraps, please ignore the color combination..I'm using what I have in front of the eyes..I did not buy any new one...grin**

There you go..a family of felt pincushions that can last a lifetime....

15 June 2007

SAL's Update

I'm a little behind in updating my SAL progress..(me and my 'purak-purak' busy schedule of course..LOL)..but here you go...It is still way behind that ahkak Lindt progress...but since she suddenly become my idol for speed turbo engine scheme..I'm finding a way to keep myself occupied and alert...ROTFLOL

maybe...sleeping with JE chart and using a pillow instead of a 'pinggan like Pinchesska did..that pinggan was meant for my glue projects and she's taking over..sigh*

Bunch of Goodies

It has been a week and I only write about it today..what a terrible friend..Yasmin ..(the sifoo of course) has given me these beautiful 'comel' pincushion I have ever seen (not that I've seen many..LOL). She also gave me a bunch of goodies that I'm very thankful for..Fabric,floss,needles. Even tho its not my birthday month but seems like I have gotten myself an early birthday gift. Thank you Yasmin..I'm deeply touched. Oh ya..since I happened to like the pincushion so much, I hope you dont mind if I 'tiru' the idea later..wink-wink.

Not forgetting these wonderful gifts from Kak Da in Kay Ell..she send me these gorgeous strawberry fob and few pieces of cotton. You are such a darling Kak Da, and I'm deeply touched too. But the most that catches my eyes is the 'love letter' frm her...her handwriting is cute..(LOL..I swear)

It has been a wonderful months for me as I received gifts from my internet friends with whom I share the same passion..cross stitching. Even tho the friendship blossom in less than a year, but I feel like we have known each other this whole time. They have the greatest, generous and the kindest heart and most important of all, they feel like family to me. Thank you so much my stitching buddies..XstitchesNXchanges group..You all are great and I'm glad to know you. Thank you for being my friend...muahss

07 June 2007

My New Suede 'Anak Ayam' Beadstitch Pillow..

I stitched this "anak ayam" pattern some time last year. It was a freebie from EMS. I convert the floss code to beads (Sister) code myself...and the end result is not dissapointing at all. Since it is very small, I dont know what to do with it..just hibernating safely in my 'finished projects' container until last week when I decided to send it to Adik Manis Beauty Parlour for touch up..She is kind enough to sew the anak ayam into a suede pillow...Walla..my anak ayam is quite a beauty all right..never thought it will look dashing on a pillow...hahahaha..bodek-bodek..
Thank you Adik Manis for a superb job...Akak will send you a lot more later...wink-wink..

06 June 2007

Update on my beadstitch project..

This progress was in early May

And this is till early June...so "ciput" only maa..

I dont know why I'm taking longer time to find the right mood to stitch this one. My original intention was to complete it by end of June 07. But the plan keep on changing and the mood always 'unavailable'. With the stuntwomans always on standby, I dont think my plan will go through...Well..lets keep the spirit high come what may..!! Aja-aja..Fighting!!

Sunflower Mood Again...

My so called craziness over sunflower hasnt subsided yet...I dont plant a single sunflower at home..yet I 'planted' so many in the cyber space..I like this type of technology...LOL

This pattern by Jorja Hernandez was taken from the cross stitch book "The Ultimate Flower Book". Once it's finished into a bookmark...I have a new member to my Sunflower Extravaganza Series...Excitedly looking forward to it. Insyaallah.