07 June 2007

My New Suede 'Anak Ayam' Beadstitch Pillow..

I stitched this "anak ayam" pattern some time last year. It was a freebie from EMS. I convert the floss code to beads (Sister) code myself...and the end result is not dissapointing at all. Since it is very small, I dont know what to do with it..just hibernating safely in my 'finished projects' container until last week when I decided to send it to Adik Manis Beauty Parlour for touch up..She is kind enough to sew the anak ayam into a suede pillow...Walla..my anak ayam is quite a beauty all right..never thought it will look dashing on a pillow...hahahaha..bodek-bodek..
Thank you Adik Manis for a superb job...Akak will send you a lot more later...wink-wink..

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