31 July 2007


Ya.. since no mood to do cross stiching..I'm doing web surfing and blog hopping...and these is what I found..

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28 July 2007

.Jangan Pandang Belakang...

The XsNxc Exchange activity for the month of July is oriental theme bookmark. Well.. since I dont have much of a collection of oriental cross stitch charts, I have to make do with Joan Elliot chart from the book 'Sentiment and Sayings'.(Actually zero oriental charts is the correct phrase, but I dont want to sound so pathetic..LOL)

Stitching it is alright, the finishing is not alright though. Since laces and ribbons has never been my cup of tea...one could guess the hard time I have endure to stitch those. Therefore..the bookmark for my partner Salmi aka Ibu Sara is as simple as it could get..hehehe. That is why ...it is called Jangan Pandang Belakang...its 'pretty' scarry..LOL

But..since it is stitched with blue lace..I guess everything is forgiven then..

And accompanying the blue bookmark is the family of 'gegirl - pink' (pincushion and needle book) and 'boboy- blue' (Scissors fob and book mark). Oriental is such a difficult theme to carry as the colors seldom match your liking and the sizes too. All the pattern came from the same JE book except the scissors fob..it was a design by Sue Page (a freebie from cross stitching.com) Hopefully Salmi dont mind with the 'sana sikit sini sikit' pattern eh..LOL

Since it is the last exchange activity until after Hari Raya..I will be resting from stitching "the family". and probably resting from stitching too. The mood has gone for vacation..LOL.

25 July 2007

My BookMark Exchange (BME) Arrived...Yeeehaaa!!

The red card from the post office arrived on Monday. It havent occured to me that it is from my partner from The Xsnxc BookMark Exchange since everybody was saying that they have just posted theirs. It couldnt have reached me so soon. But..yeapp..Pos Malaysia really surprised people sometimes..this time they really are 'cemerlang'.

Ok..lets look at the cronology of the opening ceremony and the screening ceremony..(LOL..I'm watching too many lawyers and CSI drama)

This was at a different crime scene

This is at the autopsy room..ekeke

And this is on the examination table... Can you see the ikan koi swimming in rainbow..hurmm..will not interprete ..whether its a rainbow or oily water..just kidding !!

My surprise partner is Dania ( the mommy of Bebe D ). And I was really surprise to receive the bookmark from her. I loved everything there is..the pattern, the buttons , the fabric and definitely the pink box...(handmade by her of course). My crochet kit is not homeless anymore.

Thank you Dania_78. Everything is gorgeous!!...and..wangi..LOL

Granny Square..

I didnt do any stitching during the weekend. My eyes are tired after the 5 Flowers...I believed I out do Maya Karin's Pontianak Eyes when stitching the 5 Flowers. Therefore..will not do any linen for a while..hahahaha...do you believe me??

So.. I turned my attention to crochet..With video from YouTube I manage to learn how to crochet a granny square. What you are looking is the result of my bundle of practise to 'lembutkan' the hands..It is not a doily..I just crochet and crochet to my hands liking.. I will probably stop once I have finished the whole yarn ..hehehe

My 5 Flowers ...

Tadaaa.........after 4 days..manage to complete the 5 flowers...Yeah..with many alterations of the floss color code. (What to do...Dmc Variations is more expensive than Anchor Multicolor..LOL). but it turn out alright and my eyes turn out multicolor too...what an experience!!
Havent figured out about the finishing but my stitching buddies voted for it to be framed..It is my first linen masterpiece after all..they just want to see it framed..Well..let me think about it. I'm in no hurry either...

19 July 2007

The First On linen

Yuppp..you read it right..
My first attempt stitching on linen.... I have known cross stitch for almost 20 years (with the up and down time of course!..but most of it ..down)) but I have never tried my hands on linen or evenweave. It is Aida all the time..up untill now..I'm still in good terms with Aida. Off late, I was inspired to stitch on linen/evenweave after seeing my stitching buddies especially Yasmin and Kak Ros using linen so often.. The perasaan of TER sudah membuak2..LOL

A pattern of 5 Flowers has inspired me to start my linen project. It was from the mag Just Cross Stitch. Design by Elizabeth Foster of Elizabeth Designs..The fabric was a gift from my MDSE partner, Azie (thank you Azie..muahss) And the experience of stitching these few rows is nerve wrecking..LOL

I have promised myself not to buy any cross stitch related item this month. But this pattern requires to use DMC Variation, which unfortunately I did not have . I only have Anchor Multicolor set. Well..for those who knows my stitching habit of mix and match..a little bit of these and a little bit of that..this small hindrance will not stop me...Life will definitely goes on..LOL

That pic was my second day performance progress..so very slow..and so very pening kepala...I will keep the progress posted here..Until then..c ya!

18 July 2007

XsNXc Cube Exchange June 2007

The Exchange was completed end of June 2007. I would like to appologize to my partner Mas Ayu frm Melaka as I did not post anything in here regarding the cube I made for her. I totally forgot to snap any pic as I was rushing to send it as my darling Mr Postman will be out station during that time. Maaf ye Mas..bukan akak sengajakan..memang betul2 lupa.
so..strawberry indeed grows in Malacca eh?

12 July 2007

TaliAir dari Penang ke Jb...

I was taken with the gumi2 (amigurumi) when Musliha showed me the picture and the how to tutorial. Since I was not in the mood to do any stitching last week...I went out and buy my first ever crochet kit..apa lagi..the jarum and the benang. Just for the cheering up purpose..I bought the red color Minlon thread..hahaha..lepas tu meraung sendirian bila sakit mata nak tngk taliair..then only , after reading the basic for crochet..tidak digalakkan menggunakan benang berwarna gelap sebegini utk fasa basic...Duhhh..awat tak habaq ?...

And then , during the weekend, seorang adik manis telah men'sponsor' sebatang jarum dan sebuku benang crochet utk dibuat taliair. Katanya..sebuku benang tu dibuat taliair sbg prektis melembutkan tangan. Maka bermulalah episod membina taliair dgn jarak nya sepanjang laluan hiway dari Penang ke JB.

Next step is..learning single crochet..waiyaa..look at all the trouble I have to go thru to learn how to do Cik Gumi2. Aja2 fighting...Now have to 'patah balik' frm JB to Penang for these single crochet.

After showing these pic to adik manis..all she said was..Ermm..cayalah..sudah boleh buat Cik Gumi2. All I have to do now is find the courage that has been taking a break along the whole journey..ekeke. I haven't fallen in love with crochet yet...We are in the process of knowing each other (pinjam ayat Erra Fazira kejap..ekekeke)..LOL.

05 July 2007

Its A Rainbow..

I am a total failure at finishing with ribbons and lace. In order to get over the phobia..I challenged myself by making another pendibule. Yeahh..believe me..I bang my head several times while looking for a pattern that will not get me in trouble later. Anyway....so that I can be on the safe side if mishap happens..I choose these rainbow border motifs..its a freebie but I forget from where I downloaded it.. I'll put it here once Ive checked my files..

Stitching these was easy but figuring how to do the finishing is crazy. To avoid using any ribbons or any other 'feminine' touch to these. I opted for stitching a soft store bought cording all around the pendibule. That was kind of easy too as I can still sew it while lying down on the bed..LOL. But..problem arises on how to tie the cording stylishly. After several failed attempts, I have to turn to DH to use his creativity with his boy scout's knots. Don't ask me what the knots is called or how he tied it. I didnt bother for the details as I only want it over with...but Musliha said the knot is stylishly different and very 'manly'. I guessed I'll take that as a thumbs up. Thank you Darling Husband..now I trully cherished the hands that I so loved to call 'kayu'..LOL.Its not so bad looking pendibule after all..isn't it??

02 July 2007

What A Mess...

Look at the mess made by Jiji the stuntman..as I was busy rearranging my table to put this beads on ..Jiji accidently pushed the container to the floor..As I was screaming so loud,Jiji was also 'meowing 'so loud......probably saying sorry as it was not on purpose..LOL. Itulah gara2 tidur buas...

Baru jer bersungguh2 menyiapkan SAL utk fasa pertama. Niat tu nak fokus pada Summer Cottage ni..tetapi apakan daya...ada satu dugaan yang terpaksa di lalui dahulu.. What did I do wrong before this..Hurmmm..maybe ada silap di mana2 ..and I get this in return...uwaaaa...Kena balas dendam dgn launch projek baru nampaknya..Yg 'bersepai' ni..biarkan dia beranak pinak dalam container..I'm so frustrated and 'malas'ted to asingkan all the maniks..Kena tunggu Summer tahun depan baru siap agaknya...