28 July 2007

.Jangan Pandang Belakang...

The XsNxc Exchange activity for the month of July is oriental theme bookmark. Well.. since I dont have much of a collection of oriental cross stitch charts, I have to make do with Joan Elliot chart from the book 'Sentiment and Sayings'.(Actually zero oriental charts is the correct phrase, but I dont want to sound so pathetic..LOL)

Stitching it is alright, the finishing is not alright though. Since laces and ribbons has never been my cup of tea...one could guess the hard time I have endure to stitch those. Therefore..the bookmark for my partner Salmi aka Ibu Sara is as simple as it could get..hehehe. That is why ...it is called Jangan Pandang Belakang...its 'pretty' scarry..LOL

But..since it is stitched with blue lace..I guess everything is forgiven then..

And accompanying the blue bookmark is the family of 'gegirl - pink' (pincushion and needle book) and 'boboy- blue' (Scissors fob and book mark). Oriental is such a difficult theme to carry as the colors seldom match your liking and the sizes too. All the pattern came from the same JE book except the scissors fob..it was a design by Sue Page (a freebie from cross stitching.com) Hopefully Salmi dont mind with the 'sana sikit sini sikit' pattern eh..LOL

Since it is the last exchange activity until after Hari Raya..I will be resting from stitching "the family". and probably resting from stitching too. The mood has gone for vacation..LOL.

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