19 July 2007

The First On linen

Yuppp..you read it right..
My first attempt stitching on linen.... I have known cross stitch for almost 20 years (with the up and down time of course!..but most of it ..down)) but I have never tried my hands on linen or evenweave. It is Aida all the time..up untill now..I'm still in good terms with Aida. Off late, I was inspired to stitch on linen/evenweave after seeing my stitching buddies especially Yasmin and Kak Ros using linen so often.. The perasaan of TER sudah membuak2..LOL

A pattern of 5 Flowers has inspired me to start my linen project. It was from the mag Just Cross Stitch. Design by Elizabeth Foster of Elizabeth Designs..The fabric was a gift from my MDSE partner, Azie (thank you Azie..muahss) And the experience of stitching these few rows is nerve wrecking..LOL

I have promised myself not to buy any cross stitch related item this month. But this pattern requires to use DMC Variation, which unfortunately I did not have . I only have Anchor Multicolor set. Well..for those who knows my stitching habit of mix and match..a little bit of these and a little bit of that..this small hindrance will not stop me...Life will definitely goes on..LOL

That pic was my second day performance progress..so very slow..and so very pening kepala...I will keep the progress posted here..Until then..c ya!

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