05 July 2007

Its A Rainbow..

I am a total failure at finishing with ribbons and lace. In order to get over the phobia..I challenged myself by making another pendibule. Yeahh..believe me..I bang my head several times while looking for a pattern that will not get me in trouble later. Anyway....so that I can be on the safe side if mishap happens..I choose these rainbow border motifs..its a freebie but I forget from where I downloaded it.. I'll put it here once Ive checked my files..

Stitching these was easy but figuring how to do the finishing is crazy. To avoid using any ribbons or any other 'feminine' touch to these. I opted for stitching a soft store bought cording all around the pendibule. That was kind of easy too as I can still sew it while lying down on the bed..LOL. But..problem arises on how to tie the cording stylishly. After several failed attempts, I have to turn to DH to use his creativity with his boy scout's knots. Don't ask me what the knots is called or how he tied it. I didnt bother for the details as I only want it over with...but Musliha said the knot is stylishly different and very 'manly'. I guessed I'll take that as a thumbs up. Thank you Darling Husband..now I trully cherished the hands that I so loved to call 'kayu'..LOL.Its not so bad looking pendibule after all..isn't it??

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