30 March 2007

Semangat Kebangsaan.....ekekeke

This is currently what I'm stitching..A red color Hibiscus..Bunga Kebangsaan Malaysia..Semangat Patriotik lah pulak..wakakaka

This is frm a Donna Kooler design ..I'm so in love with the small pattern for coasters and keychain. And immediately head over heel with this red striking hibiscus. Will figure out with the finishing this weekend..but i think I already have something in mind..watchaaa!!

The So Called Mystery Box!!!

I received this box on Tuesday. Its frm a cyberfriend in K.L. Up till today havent had the courage to open it..Hehehe..reason being....I'm in a mess...MUAHAHAHAHA..I think I will let it be a mystery for now...It put my heart at ease though...To "that friend"..sorry...it wasnt meant to hurt yr feelings or anything..just that...let it be...okies??

26 March 2007

My supposed to be bookmark

I stitched this last weekend..tergoda dgn kalers bilu tu..planned to do a bookmark with it. But ....the lace freak me out. Scared of the same ribbons nightmare...

So this thing isnt going anywhere at the moment. Not till I figure out ..lace or sulams, or blanket stitch like Sis Ros says..and not till I find out..how to stitch it. Or infact how to get it stitched. The lace looks so lovely and yet so scary...aigoooo..

25 March 2007

Another Quick Tutorial

As usual, I do not know if this will help many, but for the sake of sharing..I paste the step by step of my small hanging pillow making. I silently made a promise to myself that all project done by me will be followed by a step by step tutorial. It may not be perfect but as long as it serve its purpose of sharing, I'm okay with it.
Psttt..pls close one eye when you're looking at the wrong side of the stitching. It is a nightmare..*grin*

This is the item u need ..Stitched piece (both sides), a cording and a tassel.

I usually will stitched beforehand cording and tassel on each piece before assembled( like the picture above)to make it more secure.

Then slowly stiched the two piece together , I used beads to add more zasss(hehehe). Leave an opening at the end to stuff some fiberfill inside. Then closed. There you go..pillow is ready for a show off.

Pillow Talks...

I have this liking for small pillows. My first pillow projek was done looooooooooong time ago during my courting years. For a boyfriend..(hikhikhik..he's my husband lah now). Bayangkan katil asrama seorang lelaki dihiasi dgn bantal2 cross stitch. What have I been thinking??

Ok..move on....

Yesterday, I made a small pillow with sunflower pattern. Juz to test myself anyway. My conclusions are..

1. I definitely can stitch

2. I definitely can mix n match colors

3. I definitely can stitch with beads

4. I flunk with handmade cording n tassels. Have to rely on RM sources..

5. I'm a total wreck at anything using ribbons..come what may!!

Come..lets take a look at this beautifool hanging ornaments. Now I'm in the mood to make another..hahaha

Beautiful Collage of Biscornus

I've tottally forgotten to put up the collage of all the beautiful biscornu done during our exchange. This collage was done by a friend ,Ain. All the Diva's looks elegant on their own eh...Thanks Ain..

21 March 2007

Kitchen Talks

Here goes my Bubur Ayam Lada Hitam for breakfast today. Without all the garnishing. I'm beautifully lazy to go out and buy all those stuff. Ya..Ya..I know..I'll do it next time..

I asked my teenage son to cook the rice for dinner last night. He is good at it, no doubt. (Mommy is training you. You'll appreciate it when you become somebody's husband..ngeh ngeh ngeh!).Usually ,it will turn out to be a beautifully cooked rice, better than mine..(what u called it in Malay..peroi...ya, something like that) but last night..the rice turns out to be 'mentah' (half portion is cooked while the other is not). My sup cendawan n ayam goreng goes untouched due to the fact that everybody is beautifully lazy to wait anymore. I skipped dinner ..(yay!!) and the two heroes opted for burger instead..

So..for breakfast today..I tested my porridge making skill. ( Mind you..I didnt do any stitching last night. Instead has been busy rummaging my collection for a reliable bubur nasi recipe..hahaha).My subconcious is telling me to find alternative rather than throwing the rice away. If it was 3 years ago..I would have dump it without thinking twice.

Walla..The Bubur Ayam Lada Hitam turns out to be quite good..I have never cook any rice porridge except for my son during his "baby" days. Ya..now I can brag to my mom that my bubur nasi is compatible to hers....

20 March 2007

Quick Tutorial

I'm not sure if this will help many but just for an easy and quick reference..I paste this step by step for making my needlebook.

The stitched piece

On the wrong side of the stitched piece, iron on interfacing material on it. This is to give body to the book. At the edges, I stitched it with white thread so not to let the the edge open up.

I used ribbon for tying . Therefore, stitched a matching ribbons beforehand at the edge as like the picture shows. The length of ribbons can be to your liking.

For the 'pages' of the book, I used felt. The amount of pages is up to your liking too. Here I used 3 pieces. One piece is to cover the whole wrong side,probably 1/4 inch smaller than the wrong side.. Then use slip stitch or blanket stitch method to stitch the edges of the felt to the edges of the book .For the remaining pages , simple backstitch at the middle will do to hold the entire pages together.

19 March 2007

Inside the Book

This friend of mine..has been bugging me to see the inside of the needlebook. I'm deeply ashamed to show but since she insist..close on eye lah ha..

18 March 2007


Manage to finish my pendibule exchange and a set of family to a friend..
It seems like I'm taking forever to finish the family..
Yehaa!!Hopes she likes it even though its nothing compare to her quality of stitching. But since I give it with a sincere heart, hope she will accept with sincere heart too.

I spend the weekend finishing the pendibule for the exchange . And surprisingly, I manage to stitch extra..which is..a needle book to make a matching family for Sis Ros,my exchange partner. It was no better than the other set,but since I'm on a giving mode*wink-wink*,I hope she likes it. Frankly, I didnt have enough sleep last night. I stayed up the whole night trying to figure out how to embelish the pendibule with ribbons. Only God knows how on earth I 'dream" on putting ribbons on the pendibule when I know for a fact that I failed to tie my son shoelaces properly...I'm crying inside while trying for the ribbons. My keras tangan hand do not want to co operate. At the end, I choose a simple solution..stitch a store bought ribbon instead. So..morale of the story for me in this pendibule exchange..NO MORE RIBBONS!!..

16 March 2007

Why oh why?

Ha....such a boring week for me. Apart frm stitching like a kura-kura, basically nothing is progressing in my life either. Dont know why,my mood is nowhere to be found. Too many things in my mind and too many things to catch up with.
I've mentioned earlier that I planned to continue with my Summer Cottage project. Everytime I set my mind to do it, I'll switch to do other things at the end. I enjoy more making a needlebook for my exchange partner rather than the beadstitch project. Wahh..apa sudah jadi? Sudah tak cinta pada manik kah lagi? I think not juz my wip is hibernating, I myself need to go hibernating too. Why oh why?
Okay..back to xstitch topic..I'll paste few photos that I've taken to show off the "family" that I've made for my exchange partner. In fact I have 2 sets of family ready to be mail out by next week. How can I afford to make 2 sets when I have been rambling abt not having any mood to stitch..hahahaha..I cant believe myself either. Sudah di kantoin eh? 'wink-wink'

12 March 2007

My Hibernating WIP

When I started cross stitch more than 10 years ago..I've only known to stich with floss. After started working ,then having my son..I forgot abt cross stitching..I completely stop doing any cross stitch.
In 2000, my sister introduced me to beadstitch. The concept basically is like cross stitch..minus the colourful floss. I'm hooked. This too has its up and down time. I totally stop doing it in 2001.
In 2006, after browsing at a local internet forum, I came across a coss stitching board. My life was never the same anymore. It's like I've been given a second chance at true love. I'm hooked and I dont think I will look back. No no no...not without my floss organizer anyway.This cottage project was an Anchor design pattern frm magazine Cross Stitch collection. I started it in November 2006. The progress we are seeing here was until December 3rd 2006. It has been hibernating in my drawer for quite some time now. I guess, its time to open the door and let it see the sunshine..

Psttt..I need to finish this ASAP..got tons of workload waiting for me upfront.

So slow like the kura-kura.

It's almost middle of March,and I'm still behind in my stitching. So far , has only finished stitching for the Pendibule Exchange in my YG which is due at the end of the month. Have no idea yet on the finishing..Grrr..so slow la you !!....

Its not that I'm a slow stitcher or not enough time on my hand,its just that my time management skill sucks..big time. If only I dont include my nap time,watching tv,YM conferencing, internet surfing..probably I'd have enough time..But then..what is there to enjoy life....hahaha..I'm in denial...

Anyway..this is a pendibulle I've made for a friend. Actually its a family affair for these pendibulle since she has a parent and a sibling. I cant show off yet since havent send to the person yet..Tunjuk sikit sikit boleh la arr?