16 March 2007

Why oh why?

Ha....such a boring week for me. Apart frm stitching like a kura-kura, basically nothing is progressing in my life either. Dont know why,my mood is nowhere to be found. Too many things in my mind and too many things to catch up with.
I've mentioned earlier that I planned to continue with my Summer Cottage project. Everytime I set my mind to do it, I'll switch to do other things at the end. I enjoy more making a needlebook for my exchange partner rather than the beadstitch project. Wahh..apa sudah jadi? Sudah tak cinta pada manik kah lagi? I think not juz my wip is hibernating, I myself need to go hibernating too. Why oh why?
Okay..back to xstitch topic..I'll paste few photos that I've taken to show off the "family" that I've made for my exchange partner. In fact I have 2 sets of family ready to be mail out by next week. How can I afford to make 2 sets when I have been rambling abt not having any mood to stitch..hahahaha..I cant believe myself either. Sudah di kantoin eh? 'wink-wink'

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