18 March 2007


Manage to finish my pendibule exchange and a set of family to a friend..
It seems like I'm taking forever to finish the family..
Yehaa!!Hopes she likes it even though its nothing compare to her quality of stitching. But since I give it with a sincere heart, hope she will accept with sincere heart too.

I spend the weekend finishing the pendibule for the exchange . And surprisingly, I manage to stitch extra..which is..a needle book to make a matching family for Sis Ros,my exchange partner. It was no better than the other set,but since I'm on a giving mode*wink-wink*,I hope she likes it. Frankly, I didnt have enough sleep last night. I stayed up the whole night trying to figure out how to embelish the pendibule with ribbons. Only God knows how on earth I 'dream" on putting ribbons on the pendibule when I know for a fact that I failed to tie my son shoelaces properly...I'm crying inside while trying for the ribbons. My keras tangan hand do not want to co operate. At the end, I choose a simple solution..stitch a store bought ribbon instead. So..morale of the story for me in this pendibule exchange..NO MORE RIBBONS!!..

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