26 March 2007

My supposed to be bookmark

I stitched this last weekend..tergoda dgn kalers bilu tu..planned to do a bookmark with it. But ....the lace freak me out. Scared of the same ribbons nightmare...

So this thing isnt going anywhere at the moment. Not till I figure out ..lace or sulams, or blanket stitch like Sis Ros says..and not till I find out..how to stitch it. Or infact how to get it stitched. The lace looks so lovely and yet so scary...aigoooo..

1 comment:

dania78 said...

apsal supposed to be a bookmark plak. hehehe. wish we all dapat duduk sekali and really bincang and share on out skill kan. blanket stitch la. blank blank ke. but i guess we all still happy ek. me seronok wat MP. jadi godaan nak wat bookmark bleh ditahan lagi. sebab hari tu dah beli renda tepi untuk bookmark. ekceli bleh tat je . uhuuhuhuh. sis index bebetul rajin la. congratulation.