12 March 2007

My Hibernating WIP

When I started cross stitch more than 10 years ago..I've only known to stich with floss. After started working ,then having my son..I forgot abt cross stitching..I completely stop doing any cross stitch.
In 2000, my sister introduced me to beadstitch. The concept basically is like cross stitch..minus the colourful floss. I'm hooked. This too has its up and down time. I totally stop doing it in 2001.
In 2006, after browsing at a local internet forum, I came across a coss stitching board. My life was never the same anymore. It's like I've been given a second chance at true love. I'm hooked and I dont think I will look back. No no no...not without my floss organizer anyway.This cottage project was an Anchor design pattern frm magazine Cross Stitch collection. I started it in November 2006. The progress we are seeing here was until December 3rd 2006. It has been hibernating in my drawer for quite some time now. I guess, its time to open the door and let it see the sunshine..

Psttt..I need to finish this ASAP..got tons of workload waiting for me upfront.

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