21 March 2007

Kitchen Talks

Here goes my Bubur Ayam Lada Hitam for breakfast today. Without all the garnishing. I'm beautifully lazy to go out and buy all those stuff. Ya..Ya..I know..I'll do it next time..

I asked my teenage son to cook the rice for dinner last night. He is good at it, no doubt. (Mommy is training you. You'll appreciate it when you become somebody's husband..ngeh ngeh ngeh!).Usually ,it will turn out to be a beautifully cooked rice, better than mine..(what u called it in Malay..peroi...ya, something like that) but last night..the rice turns out to be 'mentah' (half portion is cooked while the other is not). My sup cendawan n ayam goreng goes untouched due to the fact that everybody is beautifully lazy to wait anymore. I skipped dinner ..(yay!!) and the two heroes opted for burger instead..

So..for breakfast today..I tested my porridge making skill. ( Mind you..I didnt do any stitching last night. Instead has been busy rummaging my collection for a reliable bubur nasi recipe..hahaha).My subconcious is telling me to find alternative rather than throwing the rice away. If it was 3 years ago..I would have dump it without thinking twice.

Walla..The Bubur Ayam Lada Hitam turns out to be quite good..I have never cook any rice porridge except for my son during his "baby" days. Ya..now I can brag to my mom that my bubur nasi is compatible to hers....

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