25 July 2007

My BookMark Exchange (BME) Arrived...Yeeehaaa!!

The red card from the post office arrived on Monday. It havent occured to me that it is from my partner from The Xsnxc BookMark Exchange since everybody was saying that they have just posted theirs. It couldnt have reached me so soon. But..yeapp..Pos Malaysia really surprised people sometimes..this time they really are 'cemerlang'.

Ok..lets look at the cronology of the opening ceremony and the screening ceremony..(LOL..I'm watching too many lawyers and CSI drama)

This was at a different crime scene

This is at the autopsy room..ekeke

And this is on the examination table... Can you see the ikan koi swimming in rainbow..hurmm..will not interprete ..whether its a rainbow or oily water..just kidding !!

My surprise partner is Dania ( the mommy of Bebe D ). And I was really surprise to receive the bookmark from her. I loved everything there is..the pattern, the buttons , the fabric and definitely the pink box...(handmade by her of course). My crochet kit is not homeless anymore.

Thank you Dania_78. Everything is gorgeous!!...and..wangi..LOL

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