27 June 2007

Jiji On the Cube..

Today..I received the box frm my suprise partner in the XSNXC Cube Exchange. Wallah...what a bundle of joy..LOL.Once opened..I saw Jiji wearing a nice bow in there and automatically a smile was formed..It's totally cute..Who could have guess that Kak Ros will stitch a black cat on the cube..plus a sunflower on it too..It really make my dull day.. ..Well, I'm still grinning from ear to ear..I bet Jiji is proud too..LOL

Not to forget..along with it was sunflower button and a tottaly cute cat button with the word MEOW..and 2 skein of DMC Variations..

Thank you Kak Ros..the whole family is impressed with Jiji wearing a bow. Now..we dont have to dress him up anymore..LOL

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