05 December 2008


How should I say this...Work In Progress or Work In Problemo..LOL. I thought when I choose to hibernate, I can make a lot of progress to my so called WIP. Instead, this poor piece has been at this stage for almost 2 month now. I guess its going to stay that way until next year..

Since I havent been updating this blog for quite a while, no harm right just to show it off to keep my spirit high..

I was attracted to this pattern when I first saw it in a book. It didnt take long to get everything ready for launching....I guess this is the progress I made in one week. Suddenly the mood stop. I'm not as eager anymore...I think I need to get a new glasses..wink*wink*

Well, I stop stitching the big pieces and move over to stitch smallies. Remember my basket of smallies? Yeah...to get this one small piece to finish took 1 week . Cant imagine if I were to have a basket as big as Sis Noreen's laundry basket(yeah..I know!!). Then it may take forever...

That's about all the ramblings I can make for this entry. Wishing all my muslim friends a joyfull Aidil Adha. Take care. I have to stay alert ...its rainy season and the water level is something I have to check for every now and then. My place is not a flood prone area but one never knows with weathers nowadays.

Psttt..dah 3 hari tak hujan..peluang cerah nak balik kampung ni..kalau hujan semula..alamat dup dap pulak le jantung...nak raya pun tak senang ni..

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Musliha said...

selamat hari raya aidil adha..