14 January 2009


lam to all my blogging friends. For the year 2009 I have decided not to do serious cross stitching. I have lost the mood, probably due to the fact that its not as easy to get my xs material here. At times when I urgently need the floss for stitching,the local shop here doesnt have it. I am at loose end as there arent any shop that I know off that supply the same brand . I have to get help from my ever williing stitching friends to post for me. Along the line, my mood has gone by the time the floss reached me.

But..on the brighter side, I'm learning other hobbies. For instance ,I'm fascinated with hand embroidery
. and my first 'victim' is hand sewn my own tudung. Popularly known as Tudung bawal sulam tangan. Seeing Gee with her bullion all the time..has poke the bullion itchiness in me..ekekeke

Initially, I first learn to sulam tangan my tudung bawal in early 2008. But I didnt like it as it's quite tedius especially finishing the hem. Rasa macam nak terkeluar biji mata

( As you can see at the photo below..there are many more to improve. lama juga masa nak buat sebab mood tu macam biskut. kalau rasa macam biji mata dah tak larat nak jegil, me stop..Tau sajalah bila dah stop..nak jumpstart tu macam berzaman...)

FYI, this tudung remain like this until now. Havent had the urge to sew any other embelishment on it. My friends and inlaws has been nagging at me to glue the 'diamond' on the tudung to make it more decent .but I am not taken with all their comment..hehehe. Seems like my vitamin M is taking control over everything.

Aha..to brighten up the dull story, I have another 2 pieces of tudung waiting to be hand embroidered. Infact..some people are anxiously waiting to know as of when I'm going to start the ball rolling ...wait for the story in the next entry..ok? I am still taking my sweet time to sit back and relax.....Vitamin M still aplenty!!


Azie said...

Whaaa.. seems we have similar interest for 2009 - hand embroidery. Ni get inspired by gee's bullion stitches laa.. but i still have a very big vitamin M at the moment..

LiNdT said...

jaga-jaga...sulam tudung pulak dahhh...hehehee

cantik tu. teruskan usaha anda. nanti dah tera, sila beri tunjuk ajar ekekeke

Pinchesska said...

azie..tu ler pasal..si Gee pengguda iteww..but my workmanship..hancus...I bet yr work wont be like mine..pro maa..cant wait to see yours..pulak..heheh

Pinchesska said...

Lindt aka Mama YaYa...ekekeke. Tak de mana cantiknyer. Rasa mcm out of place ler..skrg ni style jahit bunga halus2 jer..kalau pakai tudung yg makcik jahit ni sure torkujut derang tu...sah2 nmpk mcm baru belajar..wakakaka

Musliha said...

aisehhh.. boleh tempah sulam kat sini pulak la.. ekekekek..

The Embroidered Home said...

cepat2 la siapkan..maklang nak tengok tu..he..he..