14 February 2009

A basket from old newspaper


Exactly a month since I last updated my blog. Accidently picking the Valentine Day to update heh. I was totally in no mood to blog since my camera is 'away' and the laziness syndrome is still around. There were few so called WIP that kept me occupied but that was it. I guess 2009 is a year to enjoy the laziness syndrome....

Since I didnt know where to send my suratkhabar lama ( kat sini mcm tak de je org beli suratkhabar lama..hikhikhik)..I have to think of something useful to do with it. Hence ..come the idea of making a basket from the newspaper tube....My mom will be shock if she know about my latest interest..(psstt..I was never the crafty kid since day one ok!)

Dont laugh at the photo..please. I self taught myself on how to achieve this. Eveything came from the internet except the weaving process. I have a guru for it. Thank you Nurul...you are such a dear..

This is my first try and it remained like this as of now..hahaha.I planned to make a bigger basket as I have rolled quite a number of paper tube. It has cost me back ache and heart ache.Orang tua kan...letih menggulung ni..kena rehat lama sikit......I guess it has to wait as I was into hand embroidery lately. I'll update about my new craze in my next entry... soon.

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