15 February 2009

Update on my cochet - table cloth

I started this last year... on Maal Hijrah I think. It stop at the 6th row. Exactly on Maal Hijrah this year I continue this again. Now..I can say it is 50 percent progressing. Have used 8 roll of crochet yarn ( Minlon Polly #273) - 187 pieces. Now it is a standstill project as I have run out of yarn. Cant find the yarn here..Who ever( in the family) is traveling out station..will have to run the errand of buying the yarn for me...latest "victim" was my dear SIL (CikYa) when she balik kampung during CNY..

I wish to finish this before Aidil Fitri this year and that means I need to be on turbo gear....May all the luck be with me..Amin!

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