16 February 2009

TaTa... TiTi.... TuTu

Our neighbour's cat Oyen and Etot has decided to move over to our place ..without prior notice..mind you! together with the babies....haiyaaa..

The Mommy was never friendly before - to us or to the cats. Since we start giving them with our cats food...their life was never the same again. Etot ( the mom with the short tail) usually beranak kat rumah sebelah...This time , decided to bring along the kitten and park at our porch.

DH and me sudah garu kepala..what are we going to do with them? Giving them food is no problem. But...permanent resident??? whoa....that is a big no-no...

So..there goes the story of Oyen, Etot, Tata, Titi and Tutu...Oh yes..there is another cat that we call Anjang with the babies(orange like the dad too)....meriah sudah !! Oyen is a casanova heh..babies everywhere....

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