19 February 2009



I have been keeping the intention to make a zigouigoui ever since I saw a blog owner ( Its a friend of Musliha but I cant remember who ) who take part in a zigouigoui exchange project. All the zigouigoui was gorgeous . Suddenly I was inspired..he he he. Musliha did gave me the tutorial link.

I manage to make a small one even though it took quite a long time to accomplish. The pattern was an idea of mine ( a 'campak-campak' one- one might say). But hey...with added embelishment like the beads and ribbon..the dull zigouigoui look attractive..yes? Ha ha ha

Yes...it will be added to my collection of smalls..


Musliha said...

walla.. dah menjadik..
semakin banyak aktiviti sekarang..
go ahkak index go..

Pinchesska said...

ye lah dok go go lah ni...yeehaaa