26 February 2009

Pincushion madness

Yes...I'm still in the bullion roses mood. Made several pincushion with bullion roses motifs over the weekend.. Dont laugh please, I just cant get enough of it. I know I'm suppose to finish the tudung bawal but I just cant help myself.

When cleaning out my stash box. found few felt pieces that should be thrown away but the good side of me want to do some thing with it..
so there it is. There's another 2 pincushion that is waiting for the final touch up...I'll upload the pics later.

For now, lets just look at the pincushion..(hehehe..tak cantik mana pun tapi saja nak tunjuk jugak...sabor jer la ek)....On second thought..is it stingy or creativity?LOL.

1 comment:

Musliha said...

walla.. cantik semua bullion.. lawa giler..