16 November 2008

Do You Still Remember???

It was my first try on linen. My eyes hurt but my heart was so proud..I was complaining like nobody bussiness.. remember?? ..LOL. After all the fuss. it was kept in the 'goboks' until...who knows when..

While making a pinkeep for the'red poppy family' last two weeks, I decided to do the finishing for the 5 Flowers too. I dont have to feel guilty for ' not finishing the bussiness' anymore..LOL

Look at all the small ribbons attached to the pinkeep? That was not my doing. Initially I only asked G ( my ribbons lady aka biras) to tie the ribbons for me. But she was so 'rajin' and add 4 more small ribbons at the edging..hahaha..I dont quite like it..but decided to leave it there as it will be for display only..its not going to hurt anyone eyes ..but mine...hehehe..Thanks G....


Musliha said...

owh.. 5 bunga tuh..
nice.. kecik je eh?
mus dah lupa..
kat mana kita amek peten ni eh kak index?

Pinchesska said...

peten ni la yang akak dok tanya siapa ada simpan ..pc akak kan maut tuhari...pattern ni frm mag apa tah nama dia..saper tau tolong habaq naa..

Asmahani said...

yes! i still remember this lovely piece.

Bo Boon@Yasmin said...

Me too. masih ingat lagi you stitch this. maybe i have this pattern but will have to check my stash.