01 August 2008

My Floral Splendour Complete....Wallah!!

At last...with all the 'merajuk sini merajuk sana" due to the limited availability of DMC thread at my area, I managed to finish this strikingly beautiful ( yeah...seniri jugak puji) floral splendour. Started it early this year and only manage to finish it end of July (approximately at 2 am). A birthday gift for myself anyway...hahahaha

The fabric was courtesy from dear friend Yasmin of Arau, Perlis. I dont know the name. ( Shhhh....People said, it is not proper to ask many question when you receive any gifts...wink*wink*)All I can say about the fabric was, it was not 14ct. More like 10 ct aida with gold flecks. The pattern by Sheila Hudson from The Cross Stitch Collection ,December 2005 issue.

My personal opinion about this project..I dont like stitching on the glod flecks fabric. I like the pattern because of the brightness of the colour. Infact that was the first reason that attract me to stitch it. As I go along, I find it troublesome to stitch on fabrics with gold flecks. 'Sakit mata makcik!!!' Especially when stitching the yellow flowers...I wish I can stop right there and then, but then thinking back, it is a sin to waste....hahaha..the loyal me..Luckily, manage to complete it with a lot of fuss..I'm so stingy with thread nowadays as Im using not the normal 2 strand but 3 strand. With all the rising goods price ..it is a sin to waste...Bukan senang tau nak dapat sumber benang2 di sini. Banyak yang dikirim melalui DH masa dia outstation..Jadilah..buat penguat semangat...

At the moment, I am stitching small pattern just to warm up. Planned to start on a 'sort of' mega project after raya..that too depends on my mood..I have to check my resources first before I start..that may take months..hehehehe..Insyallah....

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