04 November 2007

Hahaha..d'tembuns on the go!

Its kinda odd seeing my posting of the cooking I have made so often nowadays..LOL . Its like..unbelievable..as I have been known to be lazy for the past years. I only cook when need or better still..mood (grin) arises or when we have guests . On normal days..it will either be 'tapau' or 'eat outside'. Since I'm clearing the stock out of my kitchen 'gobok' ,looks like I'm going to spend more time cooking now..

I have tried many home made receipes of cendawan celup tepung or oyster mushroom tempura. But it's always not to my liking. Until I found this receipe from a friend FP..(from my link..Dapur Mak Lang )It's very crunchy and crispy ...just like keropok..LOL . You will not realize that you are eating mushroom..My son even said that it tastes like chicken. For a boy who consider vegetables as his 'numero uno' enemy , it is a compliment..

Dont pay attention to the colors. It looked like goreng pisang as I have added some curry powder as I dislike the original color and taste.Bancuhan adunannya juga sengaja dicairkan sedikit kerana kononnya nk makan mcm goreng pisang.. But then..rambut sama hitam tapi hati lain2 kan...

Sedap di makan begitu sahaja bersama2 cili sos ataupun cili kicap terutama kalau di goreng garing. Bagi yg mencari alternatif diet tanpa menjamah nasi..tidak digalak makan selalu..berminyak..LOL

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