12 March 2009

Lazy Daisy Stitch

Nothing to do since I've finished my tudung bawal. Spend some time doing these Lazy daisy stitch on felt scraps last weekend.. Made into another pincushion....Yes..I have no fresh ideas..keep on repeating the old one. As of these entry, left only one bullion roses pincushion in my care. The rest has gone into thin air. (Including this one)

This pincushion is(was) my latest craze. Trying to think out of the box, I tried lazy daisy stitch..It's quite easy and enjoyable. The best part is, I no longer have the hate for french knot...Used to hate french knot on my cross stitch before, always opting for the easy way out-using beads instead.

Now, am searching for more ideas to make more pincushion..called me a pincushion freak...Its a very handy express gift for any emergency occasion..yay!!

1 comment:

catalysts11 said...

nak jual tak one of these cute pin cushions, please...