04 May 2007

Stitch-A-Long Friendship Sampler officially launched...yeehaaa

I'm so anxious to start this SAL as most of my buddies has started. For the first time in my stitching life, I decided to go all out with gridding the fabric...Ya..ya..you read it right...I'm actually trying to grid the fabric 100%...* humungous grin*
So, armed with a red thread and a needle..and with a fully consious mind..I started gridding. But then..I find that this is so not enjoyable. So..I stopped after 3 lines..keh keh keh.

There goes my ramblings about doing it right the first time and minimizing frogging. If a lot of frogging involved in the near future..blame it on Ibu_Sara. She got me interested and excited with her theory of 'gridding seketul-seketul' ( as told by Ain)...LOL...Just joking ya Ibu...
I will update as soon as I managed to stitch my first row...yehaaa.

yeahh..my first row is stitched....huhuhu

1 comment:

Emily said...

Ok finally from the picture of the thread winders in the container, I now know how and when the thread winders are used! Before you start a project, wind the thread from the skein onto the winders! I was so duh!