27 February 2009

Pincushion Madness Part 2

I made 2 pincushion from (I supposed to throw away) felt scraps. I admit that its time consuming to make this but as I am in no mood to do anything else, I guess it paid off - a stress therapy that I don't have to pay for..

The pincushions are actually to make up for the loss of some item in my 'basket of small'.Relatives who visit tends to 'visit' my basket too and consider things taken as souvenir ...ha ha ha. Well, the good side of me only wants to smile . Then I have an excuse to make another.... and another..

26 February 2009

Pincushion madness

Yes...I'm still in the bullion roses mood. Made several pincushion with bullion roses motifs over the weekend.. Dont laugh please, I just cant get enough of it. I know I'm suppose to finish the tudung bawal but I just cant help myself.

When cleaning out my stash box. found few felt pieces that should be thrown away but the good side of me want to do some thing with it..
so there it is. There's another 2 pincushion that is waiting for the final touch up...I'll upload the pics later.

For now, lets just look at the pincushion..(hehehe..tak cantik mana pun tapi saja nak tunjuk jugak...sabor jer la ek)....On second thought..is it stingy or creativity?LOL.

19 February 2009

Bullion Roses on Tudung Bawal

I have started my project on tudung bawal hand embroidery..Lets have a sneak priview . Only started with the hem as I dont have any idea yet of the main pattern...letih dah hantuk kepala ni..Happy that this time I manage to 'control' my roses petals..'wink'



I have been keeping the intention to make a zigouigoui ever since I saw a blog owner ( Its a friend of Musliha but I cant remember who ) who take part in a zigouigoui exchange project. All the zigouigoui was gorgeous . Suddenly I was inspired..he he he. Musliha did gave me the tutorial link.

I manage to make a small one even though it took quite a long time to accomplish. The pattern was an idea of mine ( a 'campak-campak' one- one might say). But hey...with added embelishment like the beads and ribbon..the dull zigouigoui look attractive..yes? Ha ha ha

Yes...it will be added to my collection of smalls..

17 February 2009

Practising my hand on embroidery

FYI, I have finished my hand embroidery on my hijab( tudung bawal)...without the diamond..hehehe. Before I start on another new hijab, Have to practice 'lembutkan tangan' first. Spend lots of time blog hopping and reading, now I think I'm ready to start. Lets look at what I have practiced.

Thank you to Sulam Sayang blog owner ( Norazihan) for letting me to learn, Gee and Salmi for the inspiration. Most credit should go to my friend Marzila who introduced me to bullion stitch on tudung (hands on) in the first place. As I'm writing, I have already started on the new tudung..

Excited.....first..I like my choice of colors . Second...can I finish it in style?...let it be known in the next entry...All the best heh!!

16 February 2009

TaTa... TiTi.... TuTu

Our neighbour's cat Oyen and Etot has decided to move over to our place ..without prior notice..mind you! together with the babies....haiyaaa..

The Mommy was never friendly before - to us or to the cats. Since we start giving them with our cats food...their life was never the same again. Etot ( the mom with the short tail) usually beranak kat rumah sebelah...This time , decided to bring along the kitten and park at our porch.

DH and me sudah garu kepala..what are we going to do with them? Giving them food is no problem. But...permanent resident??? whoa....that is a big no-no...

So..there goes the story of Oyen, Etot, Tata, Titi and Tutu...Oh yes..there is another cat that we call Anjang with the babies(orange like the dad too)....meriah sudah !! Oyen is a casanova heh..babies everywhere....

15 February 2009

Update on my cochet - table cloth

I started this last year... on Maal Hijrah I think. It stop at the 6th row. Exactly on Maal Hijrah this year I continue this again. Now..I can say it is 50 percent progressing. Have used 8 roll of crochet yarn ( Minlon Polly #273) - 187 pieces. Now it is a standstill project as I have run out of yarn. Cant find the yarn here..Who ever( in the family) is traveling out station..will have to run the errand of buying the yarn for me...latest "victim" was my dear SIL (CikYa) when she balik kampung during CNY..

I wish to finish this before Aidil Fitri this year and that means I need to be on turbo gear....May all the luck be with me..Amin!

14 February 2009

A basket from old newspaper


Exactly a month since I last updated my blog. Accidently picking the Valentine Day to update heh. I was totally in no mood to blog since my camera is 'away' and the laziness syndrome is still around. There were few so called WIP that kept me occupied but that was it. I guess 2009 is a year to enjoy the laziness syndrome....

Since I didnt know where to send my suratkhabar lama ( kat sini mcm tak de je org beli suratkhabar lama..hikhikhik)..I have to think of something useful to do with it. Hence ..come the idea of making a basket from the newspaper tube....My mom will be shock if she know about my latest interest..(psstt..I was never the crafty kid since day one ok!)

Dont laugh at the photo..please. I self taught myself on how to achieve this. Eveything came from the internet except the weaving process. I have a guru for it. Thank you Nurul...you are such a dear..

This is my first try and it remained like this as of now..hahaha.I planned to make a bigger basket as I have rolled quite a number of paper tube. It has cost me back ache and heart ache.Orang tua kan...letih menggulung ni..kena rehat lama sikit......I guess it has to wait as I was into hand embroidery lately. I'll update about my new craze in my next entry... soon.