11 April 2007

A gift that touches my heart..Part 2

Kenapa me melodramatic sangat bila bercakap tentang pemberian Adik Manis itu?
Pertamanya...pengalaman me dlm exchange yang pertama..(seperti yg diperkatakan di rumah lama iteww) tidak membawa kenangan manis. Macam2 andaian dan sindiran yg me terima dr partner yg sepatutnya menghantar gift.(terbalikkan?? kalau me sebagai penerima tak bising2 pun..si penghantar tu pulak yg kerek lebih). Kalau boleh me padamkan semua ingatan dan kenangan melibatkan diri dlm exchange itu..dah lama me padamkan. Its nothing to be proud about!!

Begitu juga pengalaman me dalam Exchange yg ke dua. Walaupun me dapat gift itu on time tetapi hasilnya adalah diluar jangkaan sama sekali. I did merungut here and there (that was when I'm not siuman..hehehe)but after a good look at myself and the concept of ikhlas and not ikhlas..me accept it as what it is, nor me do anything to repair or what not..

And all the gift I received after those two exchange was superb. No question raised by my not so siuman mind at all. And I did send out a few gifts to some..as apreciation of what they have given me before. And I only received positive feedbacks and admiration. And I was feeling great..on top of the world ..you may say.

But then..came along these gift from Adik Manis. I broke down when I opened and see what she send me. sebab pemberian itu bukan utk exchange activiti. She gave it becoz she value our friendship. Bukan paksaan daripada sesiapa. With work and her busy schedule..she still find the time to do something for me and to few others. She didnt juz menabur janji2 kosong. Thats why me terharu. And when I compliment her in a local forum..one person mis interprate or shud I say..misundestand..and out of nowhere she attacked me with god knows what nonsense. That is the difference between giving with sincere heart and taking things for granted..IMHO.

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