05 April 2007

Sambal Jawa Sis Noreen.

We (the family) never like chicken breast!!. You know..the most healthy part of a chicken where there is no fat or whatsoever . Highly recommended by dietician especially when you are having weight or cholesterol problem. We only love satay..Other than that...we never drooled if it is served on the table.

That is what happen when we bought chicken. The breast will be left out..I will put it aside in a different container ,piling up lonely in the freezer., waiting for who knows when to cook it into something edible.

Then ...last weekend while chatting with Sis Noreen (another darling cyber friend) she gave me this recipe of Sambal Jawa..to help me clear up my stock.Well..it was edible all right!! I love it and everybody loves it too. A two thumbs up if u ask me to rate..ekekeke. Thank you so much sis..
So..sis Noreen..have I passed?
For those who want to try this recipe...here we go..hope sis noreen wont mind...exactly like she emailed to me...baru ori..tak gitu??
ok tis is the receipe for Sambal jawa. boleh foremen sendiri mengikut citra rasa masing2.

ayam or daging lembu - sekilo
halia (utk blend n utk hiris)
bawang besar (utk blend n hiris)
serai (utk blend)
lengkuas (sikit je utk blend))
cili idup
cili boh
gula melaka (sedikit je)
santan (pati sebiji)

ok sekarang hiris bawang besar, cili idup, halia(hiris halus2).

sedikit halia(like my thunb), lengkuas (like my thumb), serai(2btg) , bwg besar(se biji) - blend, then cmpur kat cili boh. cili boh dlm 2 sudu makan.

Utk hiris - halia (3 kali my thumb), bwg besar (3 ke 4 biji ikut suka la klu nak byk bwg), cili idup (3 or 4 btg) klu nak pedas lagi campak 3 4 cilipadi.

so tumis the halia yg d hiris dulu, pastu masuk kan all the blended bahan. followed by the bwg, cili idup, then the ayam (di potong cube cube kecik, bukan cam your xs cube). masak ayam sampai 3/4 empuk or air da tak byk..

bila da 3/4 masak, masuk kan gula melaka n santan. then masuk kan sekeping asam keping. masuk garam.
makan ngan lemang or nasi empit.
psssssst: ni bukan ori sbb da foremen sendirik.

Pstttt...my wish list is to see sis noreen's thumb..ekekeke. Then I can really agak2 ...muahahaha


noreen said...

Congrats Index. Happy that your family likes it.
Hahaha Index. Lupa that we are in cyberland and u can't see my thumb.
One Find day....(pinjam quote Kak Ros) mayb we will meet.

aroza said...


Pinchesska said...

hahaha....ya kak noreen..Till that One Fine Day...
and zura..mmg nyum nyum woo..the halia hiris2 tu cam snack ja...gigit2..walauwwwweh..