03 April 2007

My Bunga Raya is almost finished!!

This is my progress so far with the bunga raya pattern. I'm loving every single inch of it. I plan to do another small pillow for myself for this coming Mother's Day. A mother with only a son to brag about, is stitching her own gift..what a pity!!

If you can recall, I'm using my so called creativity to match things up. The flower pattern is frm a Donna Kooler design and the sayings for the back is frm a Joan Elliot Sentiment and Sayings Design. I change the color used by JE to go along with the self made theme which is..RED IS IN THE AIR...So watch out for my finishing later on. Commonly asked question echoed by this statement is..how much later is later on??*wink-wink*

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aroza said...

wahhh..me salute aa kat akak......byk nya dpt buat xs projects within a few days time......bila la nak jd setarap akak sorang ni...kekeke....