21 April 2007

My framed projects.

Don't you think that this framed Sunflower Pattern By EMS is a beauty? This is the second time I stitched it. First was for a partner during Hari Raya Exchange (organized by a local forum) last year. This is the second and it is for a dear cyber friend, Suhana who has helped me 'menjejak kasih' last year. As I was very touched with her help, I decided to send this as a token of appreciation...

Another project by me was sent for framing last weekend. Coral Pattern by DMC. I stitched it with beads instead. Just love the sweet colors. I dunno yet what to do with it or where to hang it..probably at my new place later.*wink-wink*...(pray to God it will become reality). I have been doing nothing last night except staring at these two...and been saying to myself...you have been neglecting your beadstitch arent you eversince the obsession with completing the DMC floss sets...arent you? arent you?
Well..looks like my hibernating beadstitch WIPs is going to stay hibernating since I've pick up another obsession..joining exchange activities.......yeehaa!

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