11 April 2007

Thousand appologies .

What a bad friend I am. I failed to give credits when credits is due. Gosh..how can I forgot to write about this wonderful Pendibule I received frm my partner in the Yahoo Group Exchange Activity.

Ain gave me these beautifully decorated pendibulle ..full with beads. Plus..its smells like flowers. Along with few skein of DMC floss, buttons n a sample of sewn baby daisy beads pattern. How can I just keep it to myself?? I must let the whole world knows...hahahaha.
Tq Ain...I know it is 'ikhlas' from you..therefore . I accept it with 'keikhlasan too. muahsss


aroza said...

wah....byknye freebies yg come together dgn pendibulle itu..untungnyee akak...

Ladybeads said...

no hal kak index..me "ikhlas" sgt bagi 2u..muahhhhssssss