15 April 2007

This is how you do it..the togel pillow..ah ha..ah ha..

well.. for those interested..

This is the stitched piece (both sides)

Stitched both sides together. Leave a small opening to insert some fiberfill. Once filled, closed the gap.The pillow should really look like a pillow now..ahaks

Stitch the cording on the outer layer of the stitched edges. In this picture, I started it at the right hand corner of the pillow. Tack it with thread at the down side of the cording, as to hide the thread . Measure accordingly the length of the cording including the 'hanger'. move along the whole length untill you come back to the starting point.... that is ..the right hand corner of the pillow. Hide the end thread into the pillow..walla.!!

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