12 April 2007

Update on my current WIPs ...................and diet

This week is a slow week for me. One incident happened to me two days ago. I guess I was effected by that. Anyway, rather than wallowing in self pity, I choose to stitch..but at a very slow pace..better slow than never, right??

The photo shown here is for my Mother's Day Stash Exchange (MDSE). I still haven't decide on the finishing..stitching based on my instinct..that I can turn it into something gorgeous at the end of the day..hahaa...sooo over confident. This is what I stitch in between hours,daytime. Nightime ..no projects whatsoever..none..Nada!! And I still have few item to stitch. Can I make it on time? Well..I have to..by hook or by crook..

Psst...........my 4 days of low carbs diet was crashed today. My husband brought home 3 packets of dodol (a sticky sort of pudding/dumpling/traditional sweet delicacies..(I dont know how to describe it anymore) made of glutinous rice flour, loads of sugar and gallons of coconut milk..heheh..I'm exaggerating, aren't I?). I have a taste of it and regret it after taking a huge chunk..there goes my diet and have to start back as Day 1 tomorrow. It's always like this when I'm so called dieting.. It's a never ending story...aishhh.

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